The NGT, January 18 directed a seven member joint committee to submit a report on the operation of stone quarries close to residential places and public roads in Kerala. The report filed by the Central Pollution Control Board, July 9, 2020 in its remarks had said that "there is no merit in the contention that even at the cost of environment, mining must be allowed having regard to peculiar topography of Kerala.”

The second edition of Kerala State Action Plan on Climate Change aims to achieve the goal of using 100 per cent renewable energy by 2040 and emerging as a carbon-neutral state by 2050.

Progress and action taken report of solid waste management issues, illegal dumping at Alexander Parambithara bridge and near Kannangattu bridge.

The Kochi Municipal Corporation is "facing problem related with legacy wastes which accumulated in Brahmapuram plant" and for attaining optimum solution for treating the legacy waste, biomining procedure has been adopted. The responsibility of biomining was entrusted to Zonta Infratech.

The Labour and Skills (E) Department vide notification dated 18th November, 2022 has issued the Kerala Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2022. They shall come into force at once.

Status report filed by the government of Kerala in Original Application No. 606/2018 before the National Green Tribunal on waste management and sanitation.

The report informed the NGT about the status of solid waste management; non-biodegradable waste management; biodegradable waste management; legacy waste management; liquid waste management and industrial wastewater management.

Report filed by the Ottappalam Municipality in the matter of K. M. Sajeevan Vs The Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala, October 31, 2022.

The Ottappalam Municipality has prepared an action plan and project report for the removal of legacy waste from the Panamanna trenching ground. The Ottappalam Municipality has prepared an action plan and project report for the removal of legacy waste from the Panamanna trenching ground. The project report has been approved by the Municipal Council, August 6, 2021 and work is going on.

Report filed on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board in the matter of Tribunal on its own motion SUO MOTU Based on the News Item in the Hindu Newspaper, Chennai edition dated 09.04.2021, “Dumping of garbage foiled near Anamalai, trucks seized” dated 31/10/2022.

Order of the High Court of Kerala in the matter of Suo Motu Vs State of Kerala & Others dated 06/10/2022.

The matter related to involvement of contract carriages in major accidents in Kerala and the passengers in those vehicles and other road users sustained serious injuries. Since the use of such vehicles on public place is posing potential threat to the safety of the passengers and other road users, the Assistant Solicitor General of India was asked to address arguments on behalf of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Report filed by the General Manager, Water Transport, Kochi Metro Rail Limited. The petitioner, K G Prathapa Simhan has asked for directions so that constructions of a permanent nature having a height of 18 meters over the boat jetty terminal in the back waters at Ernakulam near Marine Drive be stopped.

Order of the High Court of Kerala in Re: Brunu (Suo Motu) Public Interest Litigation dated 14/08/2022.

The High Court of Kerala convened a special sitting taking note of the instances of dog bites being reported across the state. The HC talked about the various orders passed by the court and in particular, the order dated August 2, 2021 - wherein Thrikkakara Municipality was directed to identify areas within its geographical limits where the community dogs could be rehabilitated and sheltered.