The approach of the study contains the brief literature review on the industrial consumption and production of charcoal in India. Based on this and the pre-set objectives, the study problems were formulated.

A Bill to amend the existing Inter-State River Water Disputes law was introduced in the Lok Sabha on March 14, 2017. This Act may be called the Inter-State River Water Disputes (Amendment) Act, 2017.

Pretoria - Cabinet at its fortnightly meeting has approved ten Bills, including the National Public Health Institutes of South Africa (NAPHISA) Bill, for tabling in Parliament.

The Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, on Wednesday signed the Environmental Management and Protection Bill into law, expressing optimism that it would go a long way to secure the public healt

Monrovia – The Civil Society Working Group on Land Reform has intensified engagements with stakeholders aimed at ensuring the speedy passage of the draft land right act at the National Legislature.

Member states approve changes, including €12bn innovation fund, to emissions plan for cleaner technology and pollution cuts.

An Act to provide for geographically restriction-free trade transaction of agricultural produce across the State/Union Territory (UT) and country; to give freedom to the agriculturist to see their produce across time and space; to enhance transparency in trade operations and price settlement mechanism through adoption of electronic and other inn

Henceforth, anybody who forcibly grabs other people’s land in Oyo State would be imprisoned for 15 years or pay a fine of N500, 000.

Pretoria - The Draft Marine Spatial Planning Bill, 2016 and Agricultural Products Standards Amendment Bill have been approved for submission to Parliament.

Forest conservation is a thriving new job for many Kenyan communities thanks to the country’s laws encouraging community participation in environmental protection.