NASA found heavy rainfall in Tropical Cyclone Berguitta as it closed in on Mauritius and Reunion Islands. On Jan.

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The Chairman, House Committee on Environment and Habitat, Obinna Chidoka, has said over 40 per cent of Africa’s land resources, especially in the Sahara and Sahel are degraded due to desertificatio

Climate change impacts are being felt in many parts of the country, as manifested in erratic rainfall, extreme weather events and changes in cropping patterns.

Forty (40) families in Solwezi District in North Western Province have been left homeless after their houses collapsed following a heavy downpour experienced in the area yesterday.

County National Drought Management Authority coordinator Francis Koma yesterday said a large population of residents will be struggling to put food on the table.

Isiolo and Tana River counties are likely to continue experiencing acute malnutrition until May.

Flash floods claimed the lives of at least two people in KwaZulu-Natal and a severe hailstorm wreaked havoc in Johannesburg at the weekend.

Kenya's Tana River Basin is expected to see a 43 percent increase in rainfall due to climate change, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) said on Tuesday.

At least 5, 201 households have been affected by disasters in 19 districts across the country since the onset of rains in October this year (2017).