WHO launches Global action plan on physical activity and health 2018-2030: More active people for a healthier world. Being active is critical for health. But in our modern world, this is becoming more and more of a challenge, largely because our cities and communities aren’t designed in the right ways.

Social media stars might be encouraging children to eat more unhealthy foods, new research suggests.

Indore: About one per cent youngsters in Indore, below 35 years of age, are suffering from cardiac disease, experts say.

Nearly 10 per cent of sudden deaths in our country are due to cardiac arrests.

Rising obesity in young people is causing lifestyle diseases; 24% of them suffer from or are suspected to show symptoms of blood pressure fluctuations

Over 14 crore people in India suffer from high blood pressure, says study.

Societies face the challenge of keeping people active as they age. Walkable neighborhoods have been associated with physical activity, but more rigorous analytical approaches are needed. Researchers used longitudinal data from adult residents of Brisbane, Australia (40–65 years of age at baseline) to estimate effects of changes in neighborhood characteristics over a 6-y period on the likelihood of walking for transport.

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Trichy: Some like it hot and spicy, but doctors warn that consuming very hot or too spicy food regularly could lead to cancer of the esophagus.

Most people think of the liver as a digestive organ, but in reality, it engages itself in immune mechanisms to thwart infections, filters and removes toxins in food and water we drink, while playin

The largest age group represented in the study was 19 to 45 years.