The Kochi-headquartered Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) has developed an anti-obesity nutraceutical from seaweeds.

The Indus Civilisation underwent a period of climate change about 4,000 years ago, say scientists who suggest that the ancient population in India used a variety of subsistence practices to cope wi

Per capita public expenditure on health is the lowest in Uttar Pradesh

The latest editorial in leading medical journal Lancet has severely criticised the health systems in India.

The Government of India, the Government of Nagaland and the World Bank have signed a massive 48 million dollars credit agreement for the 'Nagaland Health Project,' which aims to improve health serv

Polio-like campaign to address TB burden from Jan 16

Increasing heart attacks in young IndiansIncreasing heart attacks in young Indians

Our future crops will face threats not only from climate change, but also from the massive expansion of cities, a new study warns.

The tribal population In India lags behind other social groups on various social parameters, such as child mortality, infant mortality, number of anaemic women, says the latest annual report of the

The DAMAN will continue for five years and will cost the government a total of Rs 120 crore. The government has already sanctioned Rs 10 crore to roll out the first stages of the programme.