In an unholy synergy, a myopic government policy and consequent fuel inefficiency prepare India for a major human-made energy crisis

The Indian government subsidises certain petroleum products like diesel This encourages consumers to switch from expensive petrol to cheap diesel Diesel emissions are more harmful than

Exposure to diesel particles can lead to serious ilnesses. Still, the Indian government encourages its use by subsidising it

Indian industries use more energy than necessary. But there are ways to conserve

The last time there was a major push for renewable energy alternatives to polluting fossil fuels was in the aftermath of 1970s oil shock. And then, everyone conveniently relegated the issue to the back burner. With oil prices spiralling through the roof i

It is unclear whether the Indian government supports the transfer of nuclear energy technology under the climate convention s Kyoto Protocol

the us is unlikely to achieve emission reduction targets as stipulated under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol due to large-scale economic growth. "Taking full advantage of the flexibility mechanisms is the

The rush to make profits out of carbon fixing engenders another kind of colonialism

Two Mexican environmentalist have been

• The Nigerian government; to discredit reports of genocide • The fascist junta in Argentina during the 1970s and 1980s; to help attract foreign investment • South