Yet again, automobile manufacturers shy away from the responsibility of reducing emissions

Indian automakers are at it again: blaming vehicle owners for emissions

Imposing environmental trade sanctions on the South will not help, note experts

It is still unclear who the new US president is. Even if he is favourably inclined towards the protocol there is every chance of it getting rejected by the Senate

The upcoming climate negotiations at The Hague may turn out to be the most crucial till now

Britain s worst ever flood in 50 years could be a result of global warming

It is sickening to see the Union home minister rejoice when dam oustees despair

Everybody’s a loser. Forest guards die for laws that cannot be defended. Poor people get exploited. Veerappan rules the jungle. Sandalwood trees disappear

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Down To Earth articles on shahtoosh and Veerappan provoke comment. We decided to excerpt them. But first, the editor s rejoinder