When laws make out laws

Sanjay K Srivastava

The article by Anil Agarwal is atrocious with heinous flavour and needs to be debated upon. We have umpteen number of officers who have served in such difficult areas where ‘Veerappans’ operate.

Anil Bhardwaj

Anil Agarwal’s article is not at all a responsible statement. He has himself quoted how many forest officers have laid down their lives while fighting such forces in parts of the Western Ghats. I know what tremendous efforts the staff and officials of three different states are making. It is easy to make sweeping statements, the field realities are very different. It would have been better, if instead of raising a voice without any sound logic, these energies would have been utilised for looking into the real problem.

H S Panwar
Former Director, Wildlife

Articles such as these from Anil Agarwal are not uncommon and regularly appear because any one of us hardly responds to such ill-informed appearances. Even when some of us do respond to the unfounded and biased press reports, the ‘fourth estate’ is seldom forth