Democracy must widen to cover international politics and institutions

A novel method has been devised to shame politicians in Canada, who have not taken action to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. Global non-governmental organisation (ngo) Greenpeace is

An inconclusive Bali PrepCom meet only takes confusion and procrastination to Rio 10

The rout of France's rightwing National Front, by an unprecedented margin, is undoubtedly a victory for the anxious liberal sentiment. The danger, though, is not past. At a time when Europe stands as the only counterpoint for the US, the rise of the far r

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wood markets could be created to the advantage of both industry and rural communities

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Naxalism started as a movement against land alienation. Today it has become a popular movement against natural resource alienation, particularly forests. Large areas of densely forested regions in the country are controlled by Naxalites. In these