The Zomba City Council has said it is working tirelessly to stop bushfires in the district’s hills and mountain.

Wildfire broke out in Kalkere range, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, on Saturday

Hundreds of homes have been evacuated in the New Zealand city of Christchurch as a huge wildfire rages on its outskirts.

KOCHI: With mercury levels shooting up in several parts of the state, the Kerala forest department has activated its fire alert mechanism in forest areas and buffer zones.

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DEHRADUN: For a state that still boasts 70% forest cover, though fast depleting, and critical issues of rampant forest fires, man-animal conflict and loss of habitat, the manifestos of both Congres

Setting aside protected areas is a key strategy for tackling biodiversity loss. Reserve effectiveness depends on the extent to which protected areas capture both known occurrences and areas likely to support the species. We assessed the effectiveness of the existing reserve network for Leadbeater’s Possum (Gymnobelideus leadbeateri) and other forest-dependent species, and compared the existing reserve system to a set of plausible reserve expansion options based on area targets implied in a recent Population Viability Analysis (PVA).

A simultaneous analysis of 13 years of remotely sensed data of land cover, fires, precipitation, and aerosols from the MODIS, TRMM, and MISR satellites and the AERONET network over Southeast Asia is performed, leading to a set of robust relationships between land-use change and fire being found on inter-annual and intra-annual scales over Southeast Asia, reflecting the heavy amounts of anthropogenic influence over land-use change and fires in this region of the world.

As accusations fly, paper giant appears to stand by its replanting of burned peat in Sumatra

The Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Science & Technology, Environment & Forests, present this Two Hundred and Ninety-third Report on “Forest Fires and its Effect on Environment, Forests, Bio-diversity and Wildlife and remedial/preventive measures”.