Cape Town – Firefighters in the Western Cape have responded to 17 000 fires since the start of the fire season in December, local government MEC Anton Bredell said on Monday.

While there were 2,489 instances of forest fires as per satellite images, the Telangana forest department listed only 234.

An estimated 10,000 acres of forest area is suspected to have gutted in fire that erupted in Thathkola reserve forest, in the last six days.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has instructed the People’s Committees of all provinces and cities to increase forest-fire protection and to make it a main task during the dry sea

Fire at Kenchanakumari reserve forest in Sakleshpur taluk, Hassan district, on

Wildfires destroyed an estimated 122 700 hectares in the Western Cape at the start of 2017, says an interim report.

Fighting wildfires in the United States costs billions of dollars annually. Public dialog and ongoing research have focused on increasing wildfire risk because of climate warming, overlooking the direct role that people play in igniting wildfires and increasing fire activity. Our analysis of two decades of government agency wildfire records highlights the fundamental role of human ignitions.

A fire that broke out a week ago in Bandipur destroyed hundreds of acres

The Zomba City Council has said it is working tirelessly to stop bushfires in the district’s hills and mountain.

Wildfire broke out in Kalkere range, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, on Saturday