The mainstream paradigm of understanding grass-root environmentalism in India as “environmentalism of the poor” might be challenged by an alternative prototype forest movement in the Bengal Dooars prior to the Chipko movement. It was fought against the exploitative design of ecosystem governance under the taungya method of artificial regeneration as invented by colonial foresters during the British rule.

The state government will provide modern fire-fighting equipment for combating forest fires to staff deployed in sensitive beats prone to fires.

It was 25 years ago this month when villagers in Karnataka undertook an eight km trek to resist massive tree felling at the Kalase forests. In today

Like State governments in many other parts of India, the government of Jharkhand State is planning large-scale industrial expansion across the entire region in the name of development and poverty reduction. To the dismay and disillusionment of mass

box story headlineGlobal warming and sea level rise On December 13, 2006, scientists warned that the Arctic ice is melting at a rate faster than was estimated. The ice has been shrinking

States feel npv dues aren t justified

This issue of Down To Earth examines a crisis forest rich states in India find themselves in: conserving forests is a burden states are no longer able or willing to afford. This has happened

What the Shillong Declaration says

A Bangladesh scientist sets the country s jhum record straight

Which village is this? "Dongripara Gaon Ganrajya (Dongripara village republic),' is the innocent reply of 10-year-old Gopal Nag of Dongripara, anxiously waiting for October 18. It is his Gaon