The Chinese government s solutions to save the remaining forests from the axe aren t effective

Conservationists in Brazil come up with a model way to reduce the pressure on forests

Movements to protest against the commercialisation of forests have gained momentum in Karnataka

The socioeconomic scenario of Panch Mahals in Gujarat has improved due to the active participation of tribal women in a forestry programme

Indian foresters have been given the short shrift in the award of consultancy contracts worth Rs 1,2(Xi crore for World Bank (WB)-aided forestry projects in the states of Uttar Pradesh,

My initiation into environmental advocacy began in the mid 1980s. My colleague Anil Agarwal was involved in a fight against the Karnataka government s proposal to give forest land to Harihar

Time was, when the Saranda forest cover was so dense that even the sun s rays couldn t penetrate it. Ironically, denudation has driven the region from darkness unto light. And tribal communities are being made the scapegoats

• Access to minor forest produce only outside protected areas • Removal of encroachments from protected areas • More than 2000 vacant posts of forest staff to be filled •