Emerging data on leopard populations in unprotected regions of South Africa shows that populations are falling fast due to illegal killing, and that the reintroduction of legal trophy hunting in th

Many conservationists are becoming increasingly alarmed about a spate of controversial proposals by Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa they feel could jeopardise attempts to conserve the Bi

The Nashville Zoo's newest clouded leopard is not only one-of-a-kind, it's the result of a scientific breakthrough that will aide in global conservation efforts.

Odisha has at least 40 Royal Bengal Tigers (RBT) and 318 leopards in different tiger reserves and forests.

उत्तराखंड में बाघ और हिरन खा रहे हैं पॉलीथिन की थैलियां उत्तराखंड में बाघ और हिरन खा रहे हैं पॉलीथिन की थैलियां

The effects of roads on carnivores have obviously been underestimated in worldwide species conservation.

GURGAON: The forest department is planning to conduct a detailed study of the movement of leopards and their habitat in the Aravalis, to prepare a comprehensive conservation and protection manageme

Scientists think the leopard could have come to Delhi from Kalesar in Haryana, 400 km from the city, which has a healthy population of leopards.

Delhi may be an urban jungle but, amazingly , it still has space for wild predators.

The Gujarat forest department conducted a census in mid-2016 which revealed some staggering figures; a great number of lions have died due to infighting in the Gir wildlife sanctuary.