The estimates should not be perceived as instant deaths, said the report, clarifying that they represent premature (earlier than the expected lifetime of the Indian population) deaths due to chroni

Large new study crunches decades of IMD data to unpack patterns of warming — and some cooling — across India, points to impact on agriculture in a country with 17.5 per cent of world’s population b

A new study on climate change in India has confirmed a rapid rise in surface temperatures in the past 70 years.

The dense vegetation in the Western Ghats determines the amount of rainfall that Tamil Nadu gets during the summer monsoon.

MUMBAI: The Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) and Tata Memorial Centre (TMC), the city's two premier scientific hubs, will conduct joint research in the new sphere of proteogenomics to

Recently, a study by WHO also pointed out that Delhi has the worst air quality among cities in India.

Purpose is to place monetary value on services — absorption of carbon dioxide, cleansing oxygen and supplying water

Project will be on display at IIT-Delhi’s Open House

It is estimated that India has the potential to generate 20,000 MW of power from small hydro power projects alongside rivers and irrigation canals.

MUMBAI: Researchers at IIT-Bombay have suggested that global warming could be good news after all, for generating power using off-shore wind energy (from the sea bed).