The Supreme Court on July 29, 2020 expressed shock at IIT Bombay''s backing out of the smog tower project at Anand Vihar in East Delhi and said this was "not expected of such institutions". The apex court said it was "not at all happy with the state of affairs" of the project for installing the smog tower -- structure designed as large-scale air purifier to reduce pollution -- and non-compliance with its order would be "taken seriously”.

Uttar Pradesh will benefit the most from this initiative as it will focus in the three most backward districts of Bahriach, Shravasti and Balrampur.

* Nearly 1.5 billion people depend on the Himalayas for water, food and energy

Antariksh builds an IoT-based solution for each stakeholder in the ecosystem

Experts in the field of public transport expressed mixed reactions on the Kejriwal government's proposal to make commute for women in public transport buses and Metro trains free, saying there was

Nearly two-thirds of the country's area has recorded either deficient or highly deficient rains

In a fresh hearing pertaining to noise and air pollution both in the vicinity of Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), National Green Tribunal (NGT) directed Airport Authority of India (AAI)

You may have never heard of Bandra megavirus or Kurlavirus. These are some new giant viruses found in water samples in Mumbai by Indian scientists.

A mega earthquake of magnitude 8.5 or more is long overdue in the Himalayan region but India has not learnt from past mistakes and is far from being prepared for such an eventuality with no strateg

Increased toilet coverage in the country, under the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), is only going to increase pollution of water bodies, said an expert.