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We need to clarify the rules for legal slaughterhouses and make sure that these can be enforced

- India fails to reach even half of target, blame on Centre's policies

Environmentalists on Thursday lambasted ambitious plans to bring much needed water to remote central India by linking two rivers, in the latest clash over dwindling water resources.

When cycling enthusiast Amit Bhatt moved to Gurgaon from Delhi some eight years back, he was counting on clean air and clear roads.

Regional Transport Officer Babasaheb Ajri speaks to The Indian Express on a range of issues, including school transport, rising vehicular pollution, congestion on roads and licence system, at an Id

Pune: It is a faulty survey system and methodology that makes Pune one of the top cleanest city in India on paper, experts have said.

- Researchers label capital scheme a failure, NGO sees significant outcome

Urban India is now the world's third largest garbage generator. But the amount of waste generated is not as much of an issue as the fact that over 45 million tonnes (or 3 million trucks worth) of garbage is untreated and disposed of by municipal authorities each year in an unhygienic manner.

The three municipal corporations have once again fared abysmally in the Swachh Survekshan 2017.

CSE had described the situation as alarming and the smog episode as the worst in 17 years