Nearly two-thirds of the country's area has recorded either deficient or highly deficient rains

The NDA proposed key changes to the Environmental Impact Assessment notification in the last month of its term

Did consumers and state governments benefit from it? Or did the private sector gain more through the back door?

India had submitted data to access potential funds from global carbon trade under Paris Agreement after 2020

It took collective pressure from all developing countries, including India, to ensure the rulebook adheres to the letter of the agreement even if it did not stay entirely loyal to its spirit

Progress only in areas that US and developed countries favour

Along with other members of the LMDC group, they demand detailed rules on climate finance flows

The annual mean temperature for the period 1901-2015 over India has shown a significant increasing trend of 0.63°C per hundred years

Paris Agreement targets by all countries will cost three or four times more if the target for temperature rise is kept below 1.5 degrees Celsius instead of 2 degrees Celsius

Protecting and conserving the environment is a dirty and difficult job