Leaving the European Union is not yet a done deal, and UK researchers must look past a pay-off and take a stand.

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The device enables researchers to visualise the micro environment and monitor how cells respond in real time to the drug.

Global warming could be responsible for killing trees that are thousands of years old

Climate change may cause the wing length of some birds to rapidly grow, according to scientists who warn that even small rise in temperatures may have a profound effect on various species.

The Arctic continues to amaze.

There has been a lot of speculation since climate change doubter Donald Trump’s election about what the consequences could be for global climate action.

Engineers from The Ohio State University have found a way to convert heat into electricity by applying their technique to capture "waste heat," the byproduct of electrical and mechanical devices li

Researchers in the United States have found that local experiences and temperatures drive belief or non-belief of people in climate change.

Scientists have developed a new technology that uses nuclear waste to generate clean electricity in a nuclear-powered battery.

After decades of battling the growing number of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections across the globe, a new major HIV vaccine trial is set to start in South Africa.