Order of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of In Re: T N Godavarman Thirumulpad Vs Union of India & Others dated 17/05/2023 regarding forest fires in the state of Uttarakhand.

The present application has been filed with the following prayers:

1. Permit the state government to maintain fire lines in forest areas in forests of Uttarakhand even if it ordains felling of green trees

The publication entitled “Forest Management and the Impact on Water Resources: a Review of 13 Countries” provides country-based summaries of the current state of knowledge on the relationship between forest management and water resources.

Arbitrary functioning of ICFRE - Abundance of mismanagement and maladministration - Audit Memo No. 21.

West Bengal( Area 88,752 Sq K.M. Comprising of 19 Districts ) is the only Indian State to have a coastline as well as the Himalayas and is situated between 21º20' and 27º32' N latitude and 85º50' and 89º52' E longitude, bordering Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

The demand of forest produce for this huge population on the limited natural resources eg. the land and forests, makes it almost impossible to met from the notified forest area which is only 13.32% only.

New Delhi: Driving a nail through a tree can technically land one in jail for a year.

The National Bee Board and Forest Research Institute will work jointly to promote honey culture programmes in forestry sectors, which will be very useful for poverty alleviation and for improvement

Union Minister of Environment and Forests Jayanthi Natarajan has said that the research and extension activities carried out by the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education have positively

With India’s apex court set to announce its final verdict anytime on the fate of illegal iron ore mines in Karnataka, the country’s largest iron ore producer NMDC is eying a major opportunity in th

A mushroom used for making medicines for treating more than 20 different human ailments ranging from HIV and bronchial asthma to diabetes and angina can now be grown easily at home.