Dry forests are particularly subject to wildfires, insect outbreaks, and droughts that likely will increase with climate change. Efforts to increase resilience of dry forests often focus on removing most small trees to reduce wildfire risk. However, small trees often survive other disturbances and could provide broader forest resilience, but small trees are thought to have been historically rare. We used direct records by land surveyors in the late-1800s along 22,206 km of survey lines in 1.7 million ha of dry forests in the western USA to test this idea.

Forests in the American west are under attack from giant fires, climate change and insect outbreaks. Some ecosystems will never be the same.

UK trees are facing an "unprecedented level of threat" from pests and diseases, the Forestry Commission has warned.

The most comprehensive assessment of the state of the world's forests published at the start of the latest biennial meeting of the FAO' Committee on Forestry and World Forest Week, in Rome. It examines the current status and recent trends for about 90 variables covering the extent, condition, uses and values of forests and other wooded land, with the aim of assessing all benefits from forest resources.

As tree habitats shift towards the poles in response to climate change, we must study the neglected, trailing edges of forests, warns Csaba M

A village killed its forest then revived it with herbal therapy Simple herbal cures can bring trees back to life. Kamleshwar Nath believes. He has been healing trees in Sonebhadra district of Uttar Pradesh for 20 years now. The task before Baba, as the 55-year-old is called, is to save the forest in his village, Nagwa. Baba

The spread of a strange fever claimed three lives in Balehonnur and surrounding areas in past 15 days.

Meanwhile, a woman, who was suffering from fever, has been shifted to Mangalore for advance treatment. Patients here suffer from symptoms including high temperature, body pain and weakness. Those who died had experienced bleeding through nostrils before death.

They were known to limit destruction to the local areas they infested. However, aided by increasing temperatures, insect pests are finding favourable living conditions in never before places and thus widening their attacking strategy.

Forests, which today cover 30 percent of the world

A devastating outbreak of mountain pine beetle in the province of British Columbia, Canada creates challenges