Advertisements talking about green community villages and sustainable construction keep popping out from every magazine, newspaper, hoarding and television, but giving form to the idea depends on the executioner. Brad Baker of Codding Enterprises is one such man who has gone out of his way to ensure he delivers what the promotional material of Sonoma Mountain Village promises.

Tired of stepping out for veggies and fruits? Well, then maybe you should consider soil-less cultivation. It isn

It is a move that may draw flak or resistance, but when you look at the bigger picture, a ban on plastic bags and levying a tax on their use will do our surroundings a world of good.

They were known to limit destruction to the local areas they infested. However, aided by increasing temperatures, insect pests are finding favourable living conditions in never before places and thus widening their attacking strategy.

Crude oil in the form of marine spills has always given governments, environmentalists and oil companies more than a dozen reasons to worry. Spilled on the ocean surface, it is known to cause immediate and long-term damage that is likely to

Malta has a serious nitrate pollution problem. But where is it all coming from? Marianne Stuart traces the source from the underground galleries to farmer

Nitrogen-based fertilisers have helped all but eradicate famine in large parts of the world. But reactive nitrogen in circulation has now doubled. Owen Gaffney asks, what effect is this having on the carbon cycle?

Recycled paper has come of age and continues to improve. But the next time you place an order for new stationary paper stack, be sure you are well-informed about what recycled paper actually is.

Despite serious attempts at putting an end to elephant poaching, the disappearance of the species in various parts of the world continues to be reported. However, evolution has come to the rescue of this magnificent animal, with a reduction in its
physical size and the length of its tusks, giving it added camouflage advantage and lower physical attractiveness.

Predicted or confronting you out of the blues, bad weather can give anybody the jitters, especially when each of your business moves, right from the stage of planning to that of execution, will have to be weighed against the vagaries of weather and climatic changes. Not surprisingly, demand for intelligent, location specific weather data and reports has been on the rise.