Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Sonatan Biswas Vs District Forest Officer, Allpore & Others dated 02/04/2019 regarding encroachment, cutting of mangroves trees and construction of bamboo huts in the forests of Malta, West Bengal.

The economic crisis of 2008-10, and the rise in unemployment that accompanied it, was associated with more than 260,000 excess cancer-related deaths--including many considered treatable--within the

Almost 95% of the UK's bathing spots are clean enough to swim in, figures show.

Malta should utilise EU opt-out and join Austria and Italy in declaring Malta a GMO-free zone, the Green Party said.

The Statistics on Income and Living Conditions survey revealed that during 2014, the monetary at-risk-of-poverty rate stood at 15.9 per cent.

About 25 million birds are illegally hunted and killed or captured every year in countries bordering the Mediterranean, and many of these countries have adopted a policy of looking the other way wh

The authorities have warned against swimming in Gozo's Xlendi bay amid fears the water may be contaminated

The Nationalist Party has hit out at the government for “failing” to stick to its roadmap to reduce traffic on the roads.

Europe's inland and coastal waters have become cleaner and nations such as heavily-indebted Greece and Cyprus boast some of the most pristine bathing spots, according to this year's EU report on wa

(Reuters) - Hunters on the Mediterranean island of Malta have won a referendum to let them continue to hunt migrating birds in spring, a centuries-old tradition not allowed anywhere else in the Eur