Last year was the warmest ever recorded on Earth that didn’t feature an El Niño, a periodic climatic event that warms the Pacific Ocean, according to the annual state of the climate report by 500 c

Two thirds of Bulgarians are worried about the state of the environment where they live, a survey showed here on Tuesday.

A strong fire is raging 7 km away from the Turkish border near the Momina tsarkva village.

Pine forests planted in Bulgaria to combat soil erosion are falling prey to a beetle that is feeding on trees already weakened by excessively hot weather, dense planting and a lack of proper loggin

Carcasses of dolphins are washing up on Bulgaria's Black Sea beaches at a higher than normal rate, with a record 108 dead animals discovered this year, local authorities said on Thursday.

National Emissions Ceiling Directive to put further national limits on toxic pollutants such as NO2 and particulates

Free-ranging dogs often leave the urbanized areas and stray into nearby mountainous habitats, even entering protected areas. This causes problems for the wildlife due to either direct predation or disturbance. Our camera trap survey (July 2013 - November 2014) in NP Vitosha, Bulgaria resulted in a total of 199 independent registrations of free-ranging dogs in 81 locations. In this preliminary study, we present the distribution, habitat selection, and distance from settlements and activity of free ranging dogs in Vitosha NP.

Three Balkan nations - hard hit by severe flooding - were among the six countries most affected by extreme weather events in 2014, researchers said on Thursday.

The tourism industry in southern European countries like Spain and Italy could be under threat due to climate change, an EU report has warned.

EU regulators are referring Belgium and Bulgaria to the bloc's top court over the quality of their air, which poses a major risk to health, the European Commission said on Thursday.