The sex ratio at birth (SRB; ratio of male to female live births) imbalance in parts of the world over the past few decades is a direct consequence of sex-selective abortion, driven by the coexistence of son preference, readily available technology of prenatal sex determination, and fertility decline. Estimation of the degree of SRB imbal

Balkan countries once divided by war, nationalism and religion have been quietly uniting to confront a common foe: rubbish.

A ship carrying 12,000 liters of oil sank near Albania's northern town of Shengjin Tuesday, polluting the Adriatic Sea close to the port, local media reported Wednesday.

The World Bank allocated 32 million euros (34.09 million U.S.

Foreign cruise ships unloading wastewater along the Vlora-Saranda seaside line to avoid taxes in European Union countries are the main cause of the pollution on Albanian coast, Albanian minister of

The surface of forests in Albania has decreased during the last ten years, said Albanian director of environmental agency Julian Beqiri on Wednesday.

The World Bank on Tuesday published a strategy report for Albania, stressing the priorities of the bank's program are reinstatement of macroeconomic balances, creating conditions for accelerating p

Urban waste and sewage risk to affect touristic season in Albanian coastal cities, especially in Durres, local media said on Monday.

TIRANA, May 7 (Xinhua) -- The European Parliament urged the Albanian authorities to rethink plans to build hydropower plants along the Vjosa River and its tributaries, the Albanian Telegraphic Agen

More than three million of the world's poorest people have been forced from their homes, land and jobs over the past decade by World Bank-funded projects, an investigation showed on Thursday as the