The U.S. depends heavily on Chinese manufacturing and trade, but those are likely to suffer if Chinese flooding increases by 80% in the next 20 years, as is now predicted

The first Israeli satellite for environmental research was launched early Wednesday morning from the European spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.

Man's evolution didn't begin in Africa, as has been axiomatic until now. It apparently began in the Mediterranean Basin, an area that includes Israel.

The forest fires of the past few years will only get worse in the years to come, experts warned Sunday.

With the leak plugged and the substance that oozed out apparently headed downstream toward Saudi Arabia, underwater life in the Gulf of Eilat seems to have been spared any damage from the Jordanian

Israel’s flora and fauna are quite diverse in relation to the country’s size, but they are rapidly dwindling, according to a report by the Environmental Protection Ministry.

The water shortage in northern Israel is the worst in 100 years, according to new data from the Water Authority.

A number of ecosystems in Israel, particularly those in the Coastal Plain, are almost or completely unprotected, according to a new survey which shows that parts of Israel fall short of the interna

Residents of Tivon, located in the forested hills southwest of Haifa, are fighting a plan to cut down trees near their community.

Social Affairs Minister Haim Katz is implementing a long-gestating program aimed at providing nutritional security for the estimated 110,000 Israeli families (over 400,000 individuals) who are livi