What began as a mere graduation project for Meidad Marzan, a student at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jersualem, now aims to make solar panels active participants in the architectural sphere, instead of being mere passive radiation collectors. Sapna Gopal delves into how this could alter the concept of lighting in metros.

With an aim to provide sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions across the entire solar power value chain, Lanco Solar's integrated 'Sand to Power' strategy is best positioned to turn India's solar dream into a reality. The company will be the first to effectively integrate the solar value chain in India.

By virtue of their size, wind farms are unsuitable for cities where space shrunk by the hour. But, there's hope by way of innovations such as IMPLUS, which could well be the next best alternative in providing power.

For a world plagued by an energy crisis, what better way to turn to an option that would harvest solar heat from the road to melt ice, heat buildings or even generate electricity. This isn't a utopian idea, says Prof K Wayne Lee, along with University of Rhode Island graduate student Andrew Correia, while explaining the concept.

Tired of stepping out for veggies and fruits? Well, then maybe you should consider soil-less cultivation. It isn