Energy guzzling modern resorts can take a leaf out of this initiative to promote environmentally friendly tourism.

A village council in the remote northeastern state of Nagaland has offered a template of investment that can be replicated by financial institutions and banks throughout the hilly and rural regions to harness the renewable energy potential of an area

The Indian renewable energy sector has registered a growth of 106 per cent in the Eleventh Five Year Plan period ending March 31, 2012.

Vish Wind Infrastructure LLP (VWIL), 50.4-MW wind energy project, showcases the strong determination on the part of developers and policy makers towards realising the goals for a sustainable future. This is one of the major wind farm projects in India funded by the Indian Renewable Energy Agency (IREDA).

Wind is still considered an area of growth by the government of India; however the situation on the ground is a different story.

Tariffs have given solar sector a much-needed boost in India, but the question is if they would help in bringing technological development.

In order to promote energy efficient buildings in a big way society needs to be engaged in the entire process. Till the time awareness levels are increased green buildings would remain just a good idea.

In an interview well known consumer and environmental activist Dr Bhamy V Shenoy speaks at length about the status of the renewable energy industry in India and the self-sustainability that the country hopes to achieve in shifting focus from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources in the future.

Dr Bibek Bandyopadhyay is Senior Scientific Advisor in the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and heads the Solar Energy Centre (SEC). He is an expert in the fields of hydrogen energy, fuel cells, solar, thermal, development of green buildings and solar cities. In conversation he discusses the research and development activities undertaken by the ministry, the present challenges faced by the solar sector, and the future opportunities in solar and hydrogen energy.

Accelerated Depreciation, an important driver of growth for Indian wind energy sector, was modified in April this year, forcing strong reactions from the industry. Along with this, the ambiguity on generation based scheme (GBI) has created confusion among independent power producers (IPPs). There is fear that the rapid advance in wind sector made till last year may suffer a big setback at least in the short run due to these two moves. However, the long term perspective is still healthy.