In order to promote energy efficient buildings in a big way society needs to be engaged in the entire process. Till the time awareness levels are increased green buildings would remain just a good idea.

Being the first Concentrated Solar Power plant based on tower technology in Asia, the proposed 10-MW plant that is being constructed at Bikaner is well in line with the ambitious goals of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM).

Phil Marker heads the Climate Change and Energy Unit of the UK Department for International Development and British High Commission, India. This unit is responsible for promoting collaboration between the UK and India on climate change and energy issues including programmes addressing energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate resilience, water and technology innovation in India.

Despite facing infrastructural bottlenecks, SHPs (small hydroelectric power) stand second only to wind power in terms of contribution to renewable energy in India and hold immense potential for makers to cash in on the growth. All that it needs is the right policy push.

Touted as the latest technology to have gripped the wind energy sector, floating offshore wind turbines appear to be a possibility that the world would be looking towards, in terms of alternative energy.