Everyday, with unfailing measure, they line up our city streets, hoping to make the quick dash, only to be sucked into smog, emissions and never ending traffic woes. Lined up as though in a factory assemly

The fifth New York City solar summit unveiled a feature that could well be a trend setter the world over. Mapping renewable energy, in this case solar, is likely to be a reality soon.

With an aim to provide sustainable, innovative and cost-effective solutions across the entire solar power value chain, Lanco Solar's integrated 'Sand to Power' strategy is best positioned to turn India's solar dream into a reality. The company will be the first to effectively integrate the solar value chain in India.

Till recently Tamil Nadu was synonmous with wind power. Now, the new government in the state has decided to give impetus to solar as well.

It surmounts to the unthinkable, as far as drawing alternative energy goes. But then, plans are afoot to tap solar power, that too from a different planet altogether. It would sound somewhat fictitious, but all the earth's energy needs could be met if the futuristic plan of scientists to turn the moon into a 'gigantic mirror ball' manned by robots, becomes a reality.

Touted as the latest technology to have gripped the wind energy sector, floating offshore wind turbines appear to be a possibility that the world would be looking towards, in terms of alternative energy.

Unlike wind energy, financing options for solar energy are yet to open up in India. The solar photovoltaic industry is still grappling when it comes to attracting investors. R Gupta examines why solar energy projects are not on the financer's list as of now.

In order to curb the increasing level of carbon emissions, the Climate Group has initiated a move which will help empower 1,000 villages in China, Africa and India.

It seems like a no-brainer, manufacturing products rather than making new ones from scratch-widely done with everything from retread tyres to refilled inkjet cartridges to remanufactured engines - should save a lot of energy, right? Not so fast, says a new study by researchers at MIT. In some cases, the conventional wisdom is indeed correct. But out of 25 case studies on products in eight categories done by a team led by Professor of Mechanical Engineering Timothy Gutowski, there were just as many cases where remanufacturing actually cost more energy as cases where it saved energy.

By virtue of their size, wind farms are unsuitable for cities where space shrunk by the hour. But, there's hope by way of innovations such as IMPLUS, which could well be the next best alternative in providing power.