The president of Biodiesel Association of India Sandeep Chaturvedi has an experience of 15 years in managing medium-size business with key responsibility in sales and marketing, research and development and ensuring statutory and legal compliance, He speaks to Ritu Gupta on what the sector holds for India.

In a country which reels under voluminous and bountiful amount of sunshine, tapping solar power should ideally be an effortless task. Ironically though, the economics have come in the way of the solar mission. The author unfolds the trend in India and what we can expect in the times to come.

When it comes to sourcing power from renewables, it's placed only next to Gujarat. One of the exalted few to have set up a dedicated agency to promote RE, Maharashtra is clearly on the right track to sustainability.

Till recently Tamil Nadu was synonmous with wind power. Now, the new government in the state has decided to give impetus to solar as well.

in what can be called a positive step towards fighting climate change, the European Commission has demanded sweeping cuts in emission rights from its member states. The commission announced an

an international consortium of countries, including India, has signed an agreement on November 21, 2006, to build an experimental nuclear fusion reactor to meet the future energy need of the world

scientists claim to have solved the mystery of links between El Nino and monsoons in India, a development that can lead to more accurate weather forecasts. This was published online in Science's

A new publication on energy in the region raises critical questions

leaders from 25 European and 13 Asian nations have adopted a declaration to fight global warming, among other things, at the sixth Asia-Europe Meeting Summit held at Helsinki on September 10-11,

the world's top climate scientists, part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (ipcc), have toned down the worst possible forecast for global warming over the next 100 years, claims The