Judicious mix of Bt and non Bt crops can prevent this

Four glaciers of the Baspa basin may dry up due to global warming

Maize is undeniably humanity s greatest, and the first, feat of genetic engineering. But the success story cannot be attributed to modern humans. A recent research shows that it is only due to the selective breeding efforts of ancient Americans that maize

Scientists at last find concrete proof an eighteenth century painting

The paanwallah doubling up as a condom vendor ad has been taken off the air. Instead, Doordarshan will show a village council member warning women about aids and exhorting them to be faithful. The shift in focus heralds a drastic change in India s

In India, where 500 million people out of about 1,000 million depend on forests for their survival, any sweet talk about wood consumption is bound to elicit a strong reaction. A study suggesting India s forest cover has improved due to an increase in th

The human genome may not solve all our problems. One of the most far reaching consequences of the decoding is the ability to predict people s susceptibility to particular diseases. Experts question the use of such a power. Will employers harness the data

This war ravaged country is heading for a disaster

Our houses gobble up energy and spew out carbon dioxide. Shocking, but true. Buildings, primarily residential and commercial facilities, are responsible for approximately 35 per cent of US greenhouse gas emissions. Ventilation and insulation are not given

There is an urgent need to rationalise traditional medicinal systems to stop unscrupulous use