Chennai: A bitter battle between age-old rivals is brewing on social media. The contestants: Sceptical allopaths and combative Siddha practitioners. The referee: A defensive state government.

The Department of Natural Products, NIPER, has started a green window system (GWS) for medicinal plants.

Alternative medicine can cause long-term harm to the liver and kidneys

Do ayurvedic drugs help treat cancer?

Afforestationwork has helped revive the forests at Punshilok, Manipur

Dengue fever is a viral disease spread by a mosquito named Aedes aegyptis.

The Indian traditional medicine (TM) has a rich heritage of science healing humans and animals. While so much attention is being paid to regulation of biomedicine (BM) practice and research, the same is desirable for TM too. The existing guidelines and regulations related to natural products/herbal formulations should be implemented to integrate BM and TM in a meaningful way for patient-centric treatment, as this would add to the Government’s endeavour to improve public health.

WITH rising temperature and acute drought scenario, the Tamil Nadu Forest Department is keen to take a leaf out of its Kerala counterpart in managing forest for ecosystem services.

Dhanbad: The Parasnath hill in Giridih district is known for its lush green cover, which include rare medicinal trees and herbal plants. However, the green cover is fast depleting.

The inventory will be supported by satellite images and GIS