The Union Cabinet, at its meeting on Monday, gave its nod for launching the National AYUSH Mission (NAM) with “core and flexible components.”

JAIPUR: The medical health and family welfare department is in the process of framing rules for effective implementation of the Clinical Establishment Act 2010, which was passed in the Vidhan Sabha last year.

A medical health and family welfare department official said, "We have started working on implementation of the Act. The rules are being framed for its effective implementation in the state."

Corporate hospitals would have to face the test of providing equitable healthcare: N. Ram

The opposition to BT brinjal has partly arisen because some Solanum species are widely used in Indian medicine. According to Prof.

The activists opposing the commercialization of Bt brinjal have asserted that Bt brinjal would seriously affect the use of brinjal in the Alternative and Complementary Systems of Medicine (ACSM) in India, through ‘loss of synergy’. The then Minister for Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India (GoI), repeatedly echoed this view.

The Indian Medicine Central Council (Amendment) Bill 2010, hereinafter
referred to as the Bill, was introduced in the Rajya Sabha on the 6th May 2010 and referred to the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare on the 12th May, 2010 for examination and report thereon.

The relation between experience and knowledge has been the subject of several debates in the sociology of knowledge, especially with regard to medical knowledge. The disease is experienced by the patient and the physician, who has the knowledge of disease, conducts the diagnoses and provides treatment. This poses two questions: Does the patient, who experiences the disease, have knowledge?

The demand for cure and for the care of a growing range of health conditions which elude any particular system of medicine has made pluralism in therapeutic options a way of life.

Mandyam Kumar, an expert at the Siddha Medical Research Institute, Bangalore, has developed an injectable medicine - "Solar Drop" - which claims to cure patients with full-blown AIDS