KANPUR: The homeopathic doctors of the city organised a continuing medical education (CME) programme here on Monday to spread awareness among people about treatment of water-borne disease like deng

MUMBAI: Can the Hepatitis C virus help control liver cancer??

Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain today asked the homeopathy fraternity if they could come up with a "permanent" solution to tackle dengue which affects hundreds of people annually in the nation

India may be in the pink of health once again with the Union health ministry expecting a 20-25 per cent hike in the upcoming health budget this time.

This Information Paper provides a summary of evidence from research on the effectiveness of homeopathy in treating health conditions in humans.

In a bid to achieve the objective of holistic healthcare system, the government on Monday announced it will formulate a new health policy that is universally accessible, affordable and effective.

After the government failed to include the traditional stream of medicines in the Drugs and Cosmetics (amendment) Bill, 2013, it is now mulling a separate legislation to regulate systems such as ay

Homeopathy is not only a human health care system but a whole science benefiting the entire life forms on the planet including the plants and crops. With the surge in demand for chemical residue free food and growing awareness for sustainability of the system various alternative models are being promoted. Homeopathic preparations specially formulated offer supplementary and complimentary solutions for growing nutrient and plant protection needs without affecting and degenerating the resources and environment.

The opposition to BT brinjal has partly arisen because some Solanum species are widely used in Indian medicine. According to Prof.

The activists opposing the commercialization of Bt brinjal have asserted that Bt brinjal would seriously affect the use of brinjal in the Alternative and Complementary Systems of Medicine (ACSM) in India, through ‘loss of synergy’. The then Minister for Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India (GoI), repeatedly echoed this view.