After packaged food industry and street food vendors, the food safety regulator is set to tighten the noose around direct selling companies and agents.

In the wake of the recent death of an American woman after contracting an infection resistant to antibiotics, the drug regulator has directed the pharma supply chain, including retailers, chemists

Expansion in India's health insurance coverage, particularly the government schemes, has helped improve various health indicators as more people seek treatment and medical services.

In a move to expand the vaccine coverage across the country, health ministry plans to introduce pneumonia vaccine in five states under its universal immunization programme from next year.

4-Point Decline In Deaths Per 1,000 Live Births

NEW DELHI: Pizzas, burgers and aerated drinks may soon be out of the palate of school canteens.

As dengue cases show a steep increase, particularly in Delhi, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recommended introducing dengue vaccine in highburden countries like India.

NEW DELHI: Health may soon be declared a fundamental right of every individual, similar to education, if the draft National Health Policy proposed by the ministry goes through.

Climate change is likely to kill 250,000 more people each year by 2030, latest assessment by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows.

UN Agency Downgrades Cancer Risk Of Beverage, Says May Lower Danger At `Normal Temp'