Childhood obesity is reaching alarming proportions with India reporting around 22% prevalence rate over the last 5 years in children and adolescents aged between 5-19 years.

NEW DELHI: More than 50% of children in 10 states are anaemic, the latest national health survey showed highlighting the unnerving picture of India's malnourished population.

Distribution Of Iron Supplement To Get A Fillip

Over 200 cancer drugs, 186 medicines to treat cardiovascular diseases and 148 stents and cardiac implants will now be available at central government hospitals at prices 50-60% lower than the open

NEW DELHI: The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for urgent action to avoid climate change by reducing emissions of black carbon, ozone and methane as well as carbon dioxide.

Researchers may have to comply with strin gent ethical and legal norms for testing new medicines on children.

India may have to ramp up its funding to eliminate malaria as several international agencies are expected to divert finances to more demanding areas, including non-communicable diseases and materna

Despite liberalization of the insurance sector, only around 21.6 crore people ­ less than one-fifth of India's population ­are covered under health insurance.

Air pollution may be posing a rising health risk in India as the number of cases of acute respiratory infection have risen by 5 million since 2012 even though deaths have declined in the same perio

Dengue cases in Delhi and Punjab more than doubled this year as compared to 2014 even though most other states like Maharashtra, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat, seen to be also vul