In the memorandum, the farmers' organisation said Ravirajsinh was a poor farmer who committed suicide due to crop failure and debt.

Wheat, rice, sugar, cotton and maize are among the essential internationally traded crops in the global economy.

In Africa, a combination of better medicines and the widespread use of insecticides to kill mosquitoes has led to the decline in malaria cases and deaths. Millions of people in places like Dano are living longer, healthier lives because of this public health campaign. They are also more prosperous when they are malaria free, because the disease keeps kids home from school, prevents adults from working, and forces poor families to spend money on health care.

After hearing the parties, the bench noted that all the states and Centre "support or do not oppose" imposition of ban on nylon thread and nylon coated threads and there is no problem with cotton t

Deals would put the majority of seeds, chemicals and GM traits in the hands of three companies, deepening poverty for small-scale farmers

Draft guidelines coming soon for comments from stakeholders

Heavy rainfall, high temperatures and major pest outbreaks have taken a heavy toll on Pakistan’s cotton growing districts of Punjab and Sindh province this year.

Just before she offered to step down on Monday, Chief Minister Anandiben Patel made an important pro-farmer decision to provide the maximum benefit of crop insurance scheme to farmers.

With the whitefly attack becoming severe in the Malwa region, a number of farmers have started uprooting their cotton crop.

This is a compilation of Success Stories of Integrated Pest Management with detailed insights into the strategies developed by ICAR–National Research Centre for Integrated Pest Management (NCIPM) for different crops suited to varied agro-climatic locations