NEW DELHI: As part of its dedicated air pollution abatement programme for 100 polluting cities, the Centre has formulated a National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) to fight the menace through a long-te

MUMBAI: About 3,600 patients with TB died in Mumbai in the last three years, said state health minister Deepak Sawant in the legislative assembly on Wednesday.

Officials asserted that Mumbai roads need to be pothole-free to prevent accumulation of dust and also prevent traffic congestion .

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Thursday issued notices to the authorities over a petition challenging the construction of the proposed Shivaji memorial statute off the Arabian Sea.

Official's take on Mumbai's air pollution levels

Last week, Mumbai’s air quality index (AQI) was worse than in Delhi, sparking off a debate on the financial capital going the Delhi way.

Up in arms against continuous discharge of untreated waste from the storm water drains directly into the creeks causing major pollution, NGO Vanashakti has filed a petition with National Green Trib

Experts from the Greenpeace India have asserted that it is high for a coastal city.

Process under way to increase rates charged by civic-run hospitals.

The data was brought out by a Right to Information query filed by activist Chetan Kothari.

About 22 per cent Indian adults in urban areas suffer from constipation, a gut health survey by a multinational healthcare firm has suggested.