Conceptualised as a means of making green energy available to the masses, the company (ONergy Solutions) is a perfect instance of how ethics can make for a viable business practice too.

In order to curb the increasing level of carbon emissions, the Climate Group has initiated a move which will help empower 1,000 villages in China, Africa and India.

Climate change is leaving Ladakhis rather confused. This cold desert perched on the roof of the world is now warmer. There is more rain. Ladakhis are seeing these changes as a mixed blessing. Till some years ago Ladakh received merely 35 mm of rain. No farmer or household counted on rainfall for crops or for drinking water.

Four years after the tsunami, the people of Poompuhar lead a well-settled life. You can see resettled villages of fishing and farming communities with neat rows of houses. There are well laid out roads flanked by neon street lights. The transformation of 10 villages in this panchayat is the handiwork of former panchayat president, Manimekhalai, and the district administration.

When the tsunami struck the coast of Tamil Nadu four years ago, the village of Poompuhar in Sirkali taluk of Nagapattinam district as one of the worst affected. When the waves withdrew, more than death stalked the coastline. With livelihoods and homes gone, Nagapattinam was a land of the living dead.