Can large-scale social safety nets be nutrition sensitive even if they do not explicitly incorporate health and nutrition as programmatic goals?

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Poverty Eradication Programmes, 03/08/2017. Report on 5th Annual Employment–Unemployment Survey (2015-16), based on sample study of 88,783 rural households, reports that unemployment rate in rural sector was 5.1%.

NEW DELHI: Farm loan waiver is necessary in the short term as farmers are unable to repay debts due to fall in agri-prices despite a bumper crop, renowned agriculture scientist MS Swaminathan has s

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Release of MGNREGA funds to drought hit states, 20/03/2017. The details of drought declared by various states is at Annexure. The Government approved the provision of additional employment of 50 days over and above 100 days per household under MGNREGA in the drought notified areas in FY 2015-16.

A goal of agricultural policy in India has been to reduce farmers’ dependence on informal credit. To that end, recent initiatives have been focused explicitly on rural areas and have had a positive impact on the flow of agricultural credit.

The Budget is a political one with a focus on farmers, rural area, on the poor, on women, on infrastructure, on digital economy and bringing in good governance.

The Budget broadly focussed on 10 themes.

At the 'ratri choupal,' the village meeting held with the district collector on Friday, villagers of Korna, Pachpadra tehsil, in Barmer district protested against the administration's plan to const

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Status of Implementation of MGNREGS, 15/12/2016. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA),

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Employment and Unemployment Survey, 07/12/2016. Labour Bureau, Ministry of Labour & Employment conducts Annual Employment-Unemployment Surveys (EUS) to assess the status of employment and unemployment. So far five such surveys have been conducted by Labour Bureau and based on the results, the State-wise Unemployment Rate (UR) according to Usual Principal and Subsidiary Status (UPSS) approach are enclosed at Annex- I.