What began as a mere graduation project for Meidad Marzan, a student at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jersualem, now aims to make solar panels active participants in the architectural sphere, instead of being mere passive radiation collectors. Sapna Gopal delves into how this could alter the concept of lighting in metros.

The architecture of the 21st century can rely on proven solar technology that enables the building shell to be creatively designed as an energy shell.

Energy can be saved in homes by adopting the following measures: Using renewable energy devices/systems such as solar water heaters, solar cookers, solar lanterns, solar home systems, solar generators, and other devices; Retrofitting some components of

Water body and trees around the building provide cooling effect

A new architectural technique uses the sun and other natural elements to regulate temperature, thereby helping to conserve non renewable energy resources.

Building-integrated photovoltaic solutions are still significantly more expensive than traditional on-roof systems, comprising a niche market. But manufacturers are increasingly offering solar modules for facades and in-roof systems. Are we on the threshold of a major new market?

Architectural features that eliminate artificial heating or cooling of a building are becoming de rigeur