With the world going for alternatives to reduce carbon emission, India too is undertaking initiatives to fulfill green dreams. Taking note of it Energetica India conducted interview of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Secretary Deepak Gupta.

The architecture of the 21st century can rely on proven solar technology that enables the building shell to be creatively designed as an energy shell.

This paper highlights the importance of renewable sources of energy and seeks to demonstrate how the provisions of 2003 Act and specifically how the system of open access can be utilized to promote renewable sources of energy.

Transition from fossil fuel dominated energy to clean, carbon compliant sources demand its generation from alternative sources that could provide flexible and scalable solutions. This is the big challenge in view that the gas and coal fired installations continue to increase unabated notwithstanding the harsh realities of global warming and climate change consequences.

Open Access, an issue, which has been discussed and deliberated in the circle of the power market in India time and again, has again come into conversation, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh taking serious initiatives to make amendments into it.