The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, is all set to host the first ever Indian Forestry Congress, is scheduled to be held in the year 2011.

Deforestation and forest fragmentation are known major causes of nonrandom extinction, but there is no information about their impact on the phylogenetic diversity of the remaining species assemblages.

Jorhat, Sept. 1: Tea and organic compost have changed the fortunes of Meleng Grant villagers living on the periphery of Gibbon wildlife sanctuary in Assam

Three years ago, the Forest Research Institute (FRI) had proposed the utilisation of a cost-effective and natural way of treating industrial or domestic wastes to clear the Yamuna River of pollution in Delhi, but the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has given a deaf year to the FRI proposal.

Too many animal studies are badly designed and reported. It's high time biomedicine cleaned up its act, says Simon Festing.

A team of scientists from the Forest Research Institute (FRI) in Dehradun has left for Delhi to treat the afflicted ornamental plants supplied from across India to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games. In addition to this the FRI is also involved in the environmental aspects of various other works in Delhi like creation of a butterfly park and planned greening of flyovers.

Rapid urbanization, concretization, pollution are taking a toll on trees planted during the British period in Central Delhi, finds a survey by Forest Research Institute
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Hyderabad, May 2: The AP Forest Inventory Report 2010 has revealed that the state forest growing stock has decreased by 60 million cubic metres. As a direct result of the depleting growing stock, experts say the state will experience adverse climate changes and increasing temperatures.

hyderabad, may 2: The AP Forest Inventory 2010, the report made by state forest officials is considered to be the first of its kind in the country.

As tree habitats shift towards the poles in response to climate change, we must study the neglected, trailing edges of forests, warns Csaba M