The poultry farm localted in AK thanda of Rayaparthy mandal is owned by one Modu Chukru.

HYDERABAD: In a major health scare, 700 new cases of dengue, including 23 from Hyderabad, were reported from across the state in just a fortnight.

Hyderabad: Hepatitis infection is highest in Mahbubnagar district with 13.5% of the population under its grip, finds a year long study since July last year.

The May 2016 report by TS groundwater department also found that nine districts in the state have deeper water levels than in May 2015.

Water pumps are being operated with it.

In Andhra Pradesh, a high number of deaths due to heat was reported in Kadappa and Prakasham districts.

Hyderabad: Thirteen harried farmers had their lives ended across five districts of the Telangana on Sunday, probably the largest number in a single day.

Hyderabad: Forest fires recorded in Telangana in 2014 were the third highest in the past 10 years.

Nearly 60 peacocks were found dead in Chitur village of Lingala Ghanapur mandal early on Monday morning. The peacocks died as a result of drinking poisonous water.

The Telangana government is examining the idea of formation of armed forest protection teams and striking forces to prevent smuggling of teak and other timber from the forests of Adilabad, Warangal