‘Use of bicycles will reduce vehicular pollution considerably’

800 trees cut down for road widening.
Rule requires 100 saplings to be planted for every tree cut. But order is not being followed.

In its efforts towards improving waste collection and transportation, the Coimbatore Corporation would study the Warangal model of waste management, said Commissioner G. Latha.

Speaking to reporters at the end of a slide show presentation at the Corporation Kalaiarangam in the city on Tuesday, she said that the Corporation would study how the Warangal Municipal Corporation had gone about sharing revenue obtained from selling dry waste.

Warangal, April 7: Urbanisation process and rising land prices in the suburbs of Warangal city are gradually taking their toll on large swathes of agricultural land, which is officially being permitted for other use through AP Agricultural Land (Conversion for non-agricultural purposes) Act, 2006.

Hyderabad, May 10: Even as Gandhi and Fever Hospitals in the city are being thronged by victims of diarrhoea and cholera, the minister for health, Mr S. Chandrasekhar, on Sunday, played down the cholera outbreak in the city and blamed the media for triggering panic among people.

The state government on Wednesday launched a fresh round of regularisation for land declared as surplus under the Urban Land Ceiling Act, which was repealed recently. The lands which to be regularised are those which had been taken into possession by the government but were later encroached upon. Applications for regularisation can be submitted till August 30, 2008 .