The second round of climate change talks in Bonn concluded a little after 5 in the evening on June 12. Twelve days of heated talks among representatives of 182 countries yielded very little: developed countries were not ready to do anything.

MEF decision sparks row, business focus of Hillary visit early in July, at the Major Economies Forum (mef) meet in Italy, India signed a statement which created a major controversy back home. A few days later sparks flew during US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Drastic emission cuts for developed nations ON MARCH 2, the Council of the European Union released the EU position on climate negotiations. This followed the January-end proposals of the European Commission to negotiate a post-2012 global climate deal. The negotiations will take place in December in Copenhagen. Overall the EU position closely aligns itself with the Commission

in late October, this year, the European Commission (ec) came out with contradictory policy decisions on its commitment to promote renewable ener

EU frames stringent rules against toxic chemicals

Captive mines get green light

We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine gun. George Orwell in his 1937 novel The Road to Wigan Pier

Seventy years down the line, Orwell could not have been more correct.

On JPC report on pesticide residues in beverages

Himachal project runs into widespread protests

Contaminated baby milk products recalled in EU