JPC report sets serious reform agenda on food safety, water security and public health

The Joint Parliamentary Committee has finally delivered its verdict. Affirming that the Centre for Science and Environment s findings about the presence of pesticide residues in aerated water were correct, the panel dismissed as hot air soft drink manufac

The strong case against endosulfan just got stronger. Environmental Health Perspectives, a peer reviewed scientific journal of international repute, has published the Ahmedabad based National Institute of Occupational Health s damning research on the orga

The Pesticides Action Network reports lacunae in World Bank projects

On August 1, 2003, Madhya Pradesh made a plea in the Supreme Court seeking a fund generating mechanism for forest protection. Earlier, in June, Himachal Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh asked the Union government to provide them annual reimbursement amountin

On June 16, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s exhortation to “implement the river conservation programme with a greater sense of urgency and commitment” was an allusive reference to the states’ tardiness and cursoriness in executing sanctioned projec

In a move that threatens to dislocate the lives of millions of Orissa s tribal people, the state government has decided to allow transfer of land in fifth schedule areas for mining and industrial operations. En route, it has interpreted the Supreme Court

Good news for the ever manipulative pesticide industry: the Dubey committee

The CSE’s recent exposé has blown the lid off the bottled water industry’s tall claims on the purity of its products. Simultaneously, it has brought to the surface a much larger problem: contamination of groundwater by pesticides

India"s road networking plan, one of the few projects that are progressing ahead of schedule, is flouting a number of environmental guidelines