Question raised in Lok Sabha on Environmental Damage due to Illegal Mining, 21/03/2017.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Offsetting Environmental losses due to illegal mining, 20/03/2017.

The Africa Mining Vision (AMV) is a policy framework that was created by the African Union in 2009 to ensure that Africa uses its mineral resources strategically for broad-based, inclusive development.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Registered and Illegal Mines, 09/03/2017. The details of working mines registered with IBM as on 28.02.2017 in the country, statewise are given at Annexure-I. The details of instances of illegal mining reported in various parts of the country submitted by the state governments to IBM and the action taken by State Governments during 2014-15 to 2015-16 are given at Annexure-II and Annexure-III.

Mines Ministry directs Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited and Geological Survey of India to study how the technology can be adopted

The Mines Ministry has decided to impose a penalty of up to Rs.500,000 on those who violate provisions of Mineral Conservation and Development Rules 2017. The ministry has notified the new rules which will be supersede Mineral Conservation and Development Rules 1988. It had a provision of fine of Rs.50,000, or imprisonment up to two years.

Rwanda has far more natural resources than previously thought, an official familiar with the country’s mineral exploration programme has said.

The Trump administration has prepared a new executive order that would extinguish regulatory controls designed to prevent US companies profiting from and encouraging the spread of “conflict mineral

This paper investigates the relationship between mining and spatial inequality in Africa during 2001-12. The identification strategy is based on a unilateral causation between mining and district inequality. The findings show that when minerals are aggregated, mining increases district inequality.

The Department of Mineral Resources is relying on the support of provincial legislatures to be able to introduce 56 new amendments to the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Development Amendment Bill,