Himachal Chief Minister released 'Drishti Himachal Pradesh-2030: Sustainable Development Goals' which is an intergovernmental set of 17 aspiration goals with 169 targets that were adopted in September, 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and the same has been signed and adopted by the Government of India.

Economic Survey is one of the budget documents which indicates the important economic activities and achievements of the Government. The salient features of the State of the economy of Himachal Pradesh during 2016-17 are presented in Part-I, and statistical tables on various subjects are given in Part-II.

The Revised Eco-Tourism Policy 2016 aims at bringing the wilderness and virgin ecosystems of Himachal Pradesh closer to visitors and at the same time ensure adequate safeguards and systems for the protection and conservation of these natural resources.

According to the new policy, electricity consumers of HPSEBL shall be eligible to install minimum 1 KW to maximum 5 MW capacity solar PV plants on their building roof top or its premises, which will be connected to grid with bidirectional meters, where in consumer will use solar generation for his consumption and only the drawl from grid to meet

These rules may be called the Himachal Pradesh Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (Social Impact Assessment and Consent) Rules, 2015.

The economy of Himachal Pradesh is expected to grow 6.5 per cent in the current financial year, a notch less than the national growth of 7.5 per cent. The latest Economic Survey report was tabled in the state Assembly on 17 March, 2015.

Biotechnology is a fast developing field with wide applications for all human beings. Biotechnology is formally defined as ''the application of science and technology to living organisms as well as parts, products and models thereof, to alter living or non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services.

An Ordinance further to amend the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act, 1977 (Act No. 12 of 1977). This Ordinance may be called the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Ordinance, 2014.

In exercise of the powers conferred by section 87 of the Himachal Pradesh Town and Country Planning Act, 1977 (Act, No.

The objective of the State Water Policy is to take cognizance of the existing situation, to propose a framework for creation of a system of laws and institutions and for a plan of action with a unified national perspective.