HYDERABAD: Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has declared a war against illegal mining in the state, which has caused a huge loss of revenue to the state.

Lead Content In CRT Sets Putting Waste Handlers At Risk
As LCDs and LEDs are fast replacing the old-fashioned cathode ray tube monitors, the capital is faced with a huge health risk.

As 60% of Sutana’s population is suffering from diseases due to fly ash generated from Panipat Thermal Power Station

Residents of Sutana, a village in Panipat, have participated enthusiastically in every Assembly and Parliamentary elections since Independence, but this time, they have decided to boycott the Lok Sabha elections slated for April 10.

Jaipur: The vibrant colours and light produced by firecrackers are nothing but result of metal and chemical combustion. Once a rocket or sparkler is burnt, it produces dust of metals and chemicals that remain suspended for long time causing serious health aliments.

City doctors claimed that people inhale air with partially combusted low volatile organic compounds which remain present in the air for many days. The Hazardous Chemical Act does not allow use of these metals as they are poisonous.

The government

This new study confirms that children in Faridkot area have for long been exposed to a large number of heavy metals, including lead, barium, cadmium, manganese and uranium. It has the study has been conducted by Baba Farid Center for Special Children. <br>