Nagpur: High blood pressure and diabetes are some of the known causes for chronic kidney disease (CKD), unsafe well water (naturally contaminated) and exposure to pesticides are also emerging as ot

Nearly one in every 10 patients visiting AIIMS' eye OPD these days complains of watery eyes, a condition caused by the rising air pollution in the city.

The final report of the Technical Expert Committee (TEC) set up by the Supreme Court in a Public Interest Litigation on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) has said that it will not be “advisable

Jaipur: The vibrant colours and light produced by firecrackers are nothing but result of metal and chemical combustion. Once a rocket or sparkler is burnt, it produces dust of metals and chemicals that remain suspended for long time causing serious health aliments.

City doctors claimed that people inhale air with partially combusted low volatile organic compounds which remain present in the air for many days. The Hazardous Chemical Act does not allow use of these metals as they are poisonous.

Victims and survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy staged a “die-in” protest here on Wednesday to “remind the organisers” of the Olympic Games in London that they have exactly one month to drop Dow Chemical as a sponsor of the event.

Dow Chemical, through its takeover of Union Carbide, has inherited its civil, criminal and environmental liabilities in [the] Bhopal gas leak [case], but the corporation refuses to accept them. The people in Bhopal are still dying, over a hundred thousand survivors are battling chronic illnesses, and children are still being born with horrific deformities because of Dow Chemical’s refusal to own up to Union Carbide’s liabilities in Bhopal,”

The widespread and increasingly intensive use of glyphosate in association with the use of GM (genetically modified) crops poses further risks to the environment and human health.  This report, produced by Greenpeace together with GM Freeze, shows why rigorous assessment of the safety of glyphosate to plant, humans and animals is of great importance, and why an urgent reassessment of the h

According to this independent scientific study by Lou Gallagher, the safety claims made for Bt brinjal, are not supported by existing data and says that its consumption could result in adverse health effects.

The Toys Society of India (TSI) on Thursday told the Bombay high court that if the norms laid down by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) are made mandatory, it will lead to loss of livelihood for many smaller toy manufacturers across India.

In a PIL filed by Consumer Welfare Association urging the court to order action against the sale of toxic toys manufactured in India and those imported fr

It is increasingly becoming obvious that Punjab is turning into a hotspot of Environmental Toxicity. More than two hundred dangerous chemicals in our environment including our own bodies. Chemical Toxicity is the known story but recently added Radioactive Toxicity is relatively less talked about.

The deadly methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas released by the Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal this day 25 years ago affected even the unborn, researchers say.

The toxic gas altered the immune system of those who were still in their mothers' wombs when the disaster struck, according to a recent study by researchers at the Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Centre (BMHRC) in Bhopal.